Warden Peaks

In Which A Coup d'Etat Occurs
And In Which Far Too Many Problems Are Solved By Appeals To Deities

Heroes: Damhnait, Dovalkin, Khal Drogo, Ramius, Squirrel, Yuu, Yileuh.

The Adventure opens with the Heroes in the Military Camp, with the goal of burning down the town of Vederfell. Dovalkin asks Pagran if they can have some oil, to which Pagran repeatedly replies that “This is in no way my problem.”
They depart on the days-long journey, sleeping on the Elephant, as Yuu, Khal Drogo, and Dovalkin talk and keep watch. Yuu tries inhaling some of the herb that Dovalkin found last time, and becomes light-headed. It makes Dovalkin and Yuu feel that there are spiders crawling on them, and Yuu suggests naming it ‘Spider-Plant’. Dovalkin declines, and decides to name it ‘The Hallucinogenic Plant’.
Dovalkin and Yileuh wander off in search of a light, before realizing that it’s a hallucination. Damhnait discovers a years-old piece of metal sticking out of a hillside. She and Khal attempt to dig it out, and her climbing pick breaks.
Yuu attempts to smash one of his rocks into the object, and the rock explodes, hurting everyone in the area and damaging the hill, but not doing much damage to the object. At about noon, they find a dense metal disk, made of the same material as the first object. Damhnait takes the disk. At roughly dinnertime, they find a metal cylinder, and they investigate it the same way. They determine that it is likely filled with a liquid, and Dovalkin attempts to open it. He does not detect anything off about it.
Night falls, and they begin to travel on the Elephant again. During the second watch, Yuu manages to get ahold of and attempt to drink from the canister. It is a strong acid, which was why Dovalkin wasn’t able to detect anything. Dovalkin and Damhnait attempt to take Yuu’s second black stone, but fail to, as he wakes up and detects them.
For the second half of the night, Khal takes the watch. They come up on a fork in the road, and Khal awakens Damhnait to help him make the choice. They take a direct route to Vederfell, and come across a burnt-out bridge about an hour later. Khal decides to let the others sleep in until roughly eightish.
Damhnait suggests using the party’s rope to cross the river, and then have the elephant swim across. Ramius prays to The Fiend, who parts the river directly onto the party. Squirrel and the Elephant are swept downstream, and though Squirrel is washed ashore, the Elephant isn’t immediately found. Searching initially seems to reveal that the elephant is dead, but Squirrel prays to Slaanesh, who… Directs… Them to the Elephant, who is severely injured and unable to carry as much as it used to.
They make their way to a place several hours away from Vederfell, and lay down for the night. Dovalkin has the first watch, and sees a patrol of Cultist soldiers, who he immediately approaches and speaks to. They arrest him. Within a few hours, the others are apprehended by a patrol as they sleep.
The group wakes up in a stone cell in Vederfell. There are no visible guards, and their attempts to call for help are unanswered. At one point, a humanoid with a deformed face brings food to the party. They try to speak to it, but it does not respond in any way.
After this, a man in a black robe with red highlights enter the room, and attempts to interrogate the party. He is unable to extract any useful information, but leaves, making threats of execution.
They attempt to pray to various deities to gain some sort of advantage or tool they can use to escape. Dovalkin prays to Tiamat, asking her to help him against the Cultists he believes to be falsely using her name. To the surprise of all, Tiamat appears, and opens the cell for the party. She makes their gear appear nearby. A sword appears in Dovalkin’s pack, clearly made specifically for dragonborn, with a dragon’s maw as a hilt. There is writing in an unknown script on the blade.
They murder their way out of the prison, before getting outside and being surrounded by dozens of soldiers from the city’s garrison. The Inquisitor exits the crowd, and the heroes attempt to climb the cliff face above the prison’s door.
Ramius falls off the wall, and is held hostage by the Inquisitor. The Inquisitor uses this to force them to descend, but, on a whim, Dovalkin attempts to challenge him.
They fight, and Dovalkin is likely assisted directly by the powers of Tiamat. The Inquisitor is defeated and beheaded, and Dovalkin assumes lordship of the city.
They receive a magical communication from Juska Allenda, and she expresses concern over these events, and says that Imperial troops will be at the city within a few days.
In this state of confusion, the Adventure ends.

In Which A Town Is Burnt Down
And Also In Which Yuu Bullshits Brilliantly

Heroes: Damhnait, Khal Drogo, Ramius, Squirrel, Yuu

The campaign opens in a dry bar, due to the recent takeover of the Cult of Tiamat. Yuu approaches the bar and asks for a glass of water, which he is offered for the price of one copper. He protests, saying he is an orphan, at which the price is raised to two coppers. Resigned, he purchases the water. He then approaches two priests of the Cult, and offers it to them. They are grateful, and promise that Tiamat will eat him last. Yuu is pleased.
Damhnait enters the bar, and immediately approaches a hooded figure by the odd jobs board. She tries to speak to him, and he tries to slip away. They grow aggressive, and Damhnait attempts to draw her dagger. The hooded figure draws faster and attempts to stab her, but misses. She ignores him, and so he stabs her again, drawing blood, but very little. Damhnait then stabs him, killing him in one blow by slicing his stomach open.
As the fight is ongoing, Khal Drogo and Yuu begin to watch the fight, speaking quietly to each other. Squirrel (and Kale) and Ramius are still at the bar.
The two priests move in to observe the fight, though one gets involved in a brief altercation with Yuu. As they do so, Squirrel runs in to the scene of the murder, kneels by the dying elf in clerical fashion, and says ‘Hi, I’m Squirrel’. Damhnait attempts to rip the elf’s heart out and place it in his mouth, but grabs his spleen instead. Squirrel says a prayer to Slaanesh, causing the man to die of blood loss. By now, the crowd has dispersed and fled.
Seeing this, the two priests of Tiamat close in on Damhnait and Squirrel. One runs by Khal Drogo, who, in one motion, draws his longsword and beheads the priest instantly. The other makes it to Squirrell and Damhnait, but is easily beaten by the five characters.
The bartender takes a silver device from under the bar, fires it at Yuu, who takes massive damage, and then explodes. The exploding bartender ignites illegal alcohol stored in the bar, and the inn begins to burn. Yuu and Damhnait loot the priest’s bodies, retrieving two sets of silver and black stones, as well as a set of priest’s robes, which Yuu dons.
They exit the burning inn, and Yuu tries to pickpocket a police officer. The officer lets him go, as he saw him help kill one of the priests.
The group steals an elephant, and rides it to the Church that the Cult has been operating out of. Yuu bluffs their way into the church by claiming to be a high-ranking cleric of the Cult who has just arrived, and must be given rest. He claims that the others are new recruits.
The cult gives them lodging in the near-abandoned church, which the heroes other than Yuu (who is sleeping) begin to explore.
They discover that the East Wing is filled with beds, the North Alcove has stolen valuables and is guarded by two soldiers, and the West Wing is partitioned into three rooms. The northernmost room in the West Wing has several cages of chickens and other animals, as well as an elf locked in a cage. Damhnait talks vocally of how she would like to kill/torture the elf. The southernmost room of the West Wing is filled with four chests, labelled ‘Danger: Mimics!’. There is a locked door to the central room of the wing.
Khal Drogo suggests that they free the elf, to which Ramius agrees. Together, they begin to kill the guards, and are reluctantly assisted by Damhnait. Damhnait releases the elf using the keys that have been left on the wall, although he ignores her totally. At first they believe that this is due to her threatening him with unspeakable things, but then they realize that it is both because she has threatened him with unspeakable things and because he has no tongue. He is primarily interested in getting into the central room of the wing.
Khal Drogo and Ramius successfully identify a mimic in the southern room, and feed the bodies to it. Damhnait tries to pick the lock on one of the chests, but critically fails to realize that it is the second mimic. It is young, so they kill it swiftly, before opening the other chests. There is little of value.
The captured elf is struggling with his bare hands against the lock on the door to the central room, which Damhnait attempts to pick. As soon as she touches it, she feels a terrible psychic shrieking in her mind.
The heroes are distracted by a commotion from outside. They run outside to see that a) the elephant is on the loose, stepping on Cultists, and b) the Imperial army has appeared, and is beginning to attack the outpost by the Church. The heroes assist the army, and are escorted outside the town to a refugee camp.
At the camp, Khal Drogo and Ramius find magic mushrooms, and attempt to pawn them off. An old man approaches, and says that he ’hasn’t felt happiness in years’, and then lists a litany of sorrows. They give the mushrooms to the old man for a pittance. Damhnait purchases a woman’s hair for no discernible reason.


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